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kirk_rand's Journal

Who The Hell Do You Think Runs This Ship, Anyway?
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This is a community interested in the pairing of Captain James T Kirk and Yeoman Janice Rand, in absolutely any incarnation you can think of, in any relationship you can think of.

Fic, art, icons, manips, mixes, essays, pic spams, discussions - everything is welcome here, but leave your wank at the door please!

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So, why Janice Rand?

To be honest, I think her character was underused in TOS. I know that they had their reasons for getting rid of her after eight episodes, but it's not the 1960s any more and if the franchise as a whole can be rebooted, why not Rand?

The naval rating of Yeoman is a specific one given to clerical and administrative assistants, and that's how I see my Rand. She's not there to bring Kirk coffee or fetch his lunch, but to organise the day-to-day administrative burden that the average starship captain must be groaning under. My Rand isn't simpering or moonstruck, she's a professional that just happens to be working for a ridiculously handsome man.

The whole idea of forbidden romance is very tantalising, and TOS showed that both Rand and Kirk knew that there could never be a relationship between them because of who they were and the jobs they did. I want to explore that in the reboot, although TOS fics, art and mixes are all very welcome indeed.

Angst, romance, schmoop, crack - it's all welcomed here. Drop by and say hello, rec us something awesome, spam us with pics of your nu!Rand, discuss the episodes that Rand appeared in, tell a dirty joke - it's all good here!

Please put fic, icons and art under a cut or a link to your own journal. All ratings are allowed, but please warn for anything that might be upsetting. Don't forget to tag! Send me a PM at fringedweller if you need me to add more tags.

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